LaVae’s FAQs

Who are you?

My name is LaVae Mathis and I’m so glad you’re here. I am married to a wonderful man. We have 3 remarkable children with small families now of their own. We are blessed with amazing grandchildren and we have dogs that we refer to as our four-pawed children. I am an accountant by trade but I currently have my own small business registered in Colorado as LaVae Mathis, LLC.

What do you do exactly?

After years of being employed in corporate controller positions, I desired to work more with my hobbies as a gift consultant and small website designer. I also wanted to learn something new and desired more lifestyle flexibility as well. So I vacated accounting work for more creative endeavors along with more lifestyle flexibility. After several huge learning curves, I now sell ecommerce and recommerce products online to include giftable collections.

What is the name of your ecommerce website?

I initially started with a small gift website. But as I learned more, and it took different directions and grew additional branches, I melded it into one colorful ecommerce website. You can find it here ~>

Can you tell us more about your other selling activities?

I am also 5-star, top-rated, top-seller on multiple popular selling platforms. My favorite thing to sell is fashion and jewelry. But I do sell other items as well sometimes, such as home goods or collectibles. I sell under the ID of @lavaesfaves and you can find my selling pages here -> Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari

Has your decision to leave your regular job been a good one?

Yes and no. As a corporate controller I was paid well and it took more time than anticipated for my husband and I to adjust to having only one regular paycheck being his. My husband is the primary bread winner and my income is more complimentary in nature. But it has allowed us to make some changes more easily. We spent over 2 decades in the Metro Atlanta area and decided to relocate recently to Colorful Colorado. The flexibility and creativity I was after is enjoyable although I don’t have as much flexibility as I hoped. I still work more than I expected with my new undertakings. And the regular paycheck, at the level I was earning in the corporate world, is still missed sometimes.

Would you recommend the online entrepreneur lifestyle to others?

When I hear some online entrepreneurs telling people how easy it is, I sometimes cringe just a bit because I have not always found it to be so easy. Some things about what I do are easy tasks, but the competition is enormous and navigating the waters to great success in these arenas is something I am still working on. If someone were to ask me for advice on making this type of change, I would say, keep your job while you build something part-time and don’t believe everything you read about how easy it is to be an online entrepreneur. Fortunately, I have made some wonderful strides, have learned a great deal, and am now doing fairly well at my endeavors. But it takes an enormous amount of dedication and education to earn a viable income and it is an ever-changing environment. So adapting easily to changes is key as you work in this type of industry.

What other things do you enjoy?

When people ask what I like to do the most, working is definitely at the top of the list since I enjoy the creativity of my projects. But superior to that enjoyment is home life. I am more of a home body than most I think. I enjoy the regular tasks of caring for our home, eating and cooking reasonably nutritious foods, taking care of my rowdy four pawed children, and spending time with my amazing husband and children/grandchildren when able. We enjoy the outdoors and previously had a nice boat when living in Georgia near Lake Allatoona. We’ve now traded that lifestyle for the mountain life and have planted ourselves in the Colorful state of Colorado near the Rockies. We’ll let you now how it goes out here in a totally different and majestic area.

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