To Give Is Beautiful ~ Gifting by LaVae

Are you struggling over how to show a loved one just how much they mean to you? Perhaps you are looking for unique ideas, something out of the ordinary and truly special. Are you seeking to inspire elated excitement for an upcoming event or occasion?

Do you have a loved one, employee, or friend that is suffering in some way and you desire to show support and care for them and their situation? Do you desire to find a way to apologize for something and wonder if there is a gift that may express your sentiment exceedingly well?

Maybe you have a loved one entering the military or other scenario and desire to gift them something situation specific and meaningful. Or, perhaps you are seeking to give a gift as a show of appreciation to someone that has helped you in some way.

Unfortunately, gift giving can sometimes feel a bit run-of-the-mill these days. And sometimes the usual box of candy, flowers, gift certificate, jewelry piece, etc., although always nice, can seem a bit lack luster and ordinary. Enter … your gift consultant, and that can be me. My name is LaVae Mathis and I love gifting!

As a child whose mother practiced a religion that disbarred gift giving as many know it during birthdays and holidays, I not only missed out on receiving gifts as a child like most, I missed out on giving gifts as well. And, as it is often said, it is better to give than to receive. I did not adopt my mother’s religion and gift giving has became a passion in my adulthood.

I am an accountant by trade but have semi-retired now and gifting is my true passion. My experience in gift consulting, and life, over the years has become quite broad and I enjoy helping people devise heart-felt, happy, and beautiful gifts that make cherished moments even more memorable. I have even written poetry as part of gifting.

I have worked behind the scenes, so the gifter appears to have devised the idea themselves (wink wink). A ghost gifting consultant if you will. But, sometimes the gifter wants the giftee to know that they felt seeking gift assistance was in order because the event was so very important to them.

I have hand delivered gifts in person, in spectacular gift package presentations, to a giftee’s home, place of employment, or during an outing somewhere special with an enthusiastic flair that you cannot just order up online when gifting. (Hand delivery experiences are currently only available in some Denver and Northern Colorado areas.)

I love all the usual holiday gifting endeavors, but one of my favorite areas of gifting is in the arenas of care and encouragement. It feels good to help others gift well, but there is something even more rewarding in helping those who are suffering. If you have a loved one that is suffering in some way, a loss of any type, addiction recovery, nearing their end of life, or experiencing other challenges, maybe I can help you. Not only do I love gifting, but I aspire to a premium level of finesse and absolute discretion in helping gifters navigate and manage difficult, emotional, or awkward situations with a strict adherence to privacy in sensitive circumstances.

If you are seeking to reach the realm of spectacular when it comes to gifting, something that truly hits the mark for your particular giftee and occasion, something that is unique to them and your celebration, situation, or life event, I can help.

One of the first items new customers often ask about is price. Pricing is not a one size fits all in this endeavor since each gifting experience is unique. I do have some gifting packages that I can quote. For undefined gift consulting and assistance such as shopping, communicating with venues, research for certain situations, etc., I generally charge ~$35 an hour. Please use the Contact Us form to inquire about services.

If gift consulting is outside your desired gift services, but you would like to purchase gifts online that arrive gift packaged and with gift messaging available, we would love for you to shop at our website Colorful There you will find a sweet selection of budget friendly gifts that ship fast and arrive in charming gift packaging.